How To Plan a Texas Hog Hunt Without Hidden Fees

How To Plan a Texas Hog Hunt Without Hidden Fees

August 12, 2022 by

When you think about booking a hunt to down some hogs in Texas, the first thing that comes to mind is how much your trip is going to cost. At Dos Plumas, one thing we guarantee is no hidden fees! We want our customers to focus on the trophy boar they are gunning for, not on the money it could cost them to harvest one. Other Texas Hunting Ranches will charge you for a list of things we don’t.

So what are some of the hidden fees to look out for when planning a hog hunt in Texas?

  • Provided Bait – Dos Plumas provides bait, no need to bring your own corn! Other places require visiting hunters to bring their own bait.
  • Prime Hunting Spots – our competitors charge their customers extra to hunt the honey hole. We want to set our hunters up for success by taking them where the animals are – every time.
  • Mandatory Skinning – other outfitters will charge you per pound to skin your hogs. It’s enough to make you aim for the smaller pig!
  • Additional Animal Charges – other places charge you for extra animals based on weight. For example, shoot 2 hogs with your purchased hunt package, and each additional hog you shoot is charged to you per pound of that animal.

At Dos Plumas, we have a set rate of $150 per additional pig. Skinning is optional and we welcome hunters who would like to skin their hogs themselves.

Skip out on the stress of hidden fees and book your Texas hog hunt with Dos Plumas. We pride ourselves on offering affordable, all-inclusive hunts that provide an amazing opportunity to harvest trophy hogs!

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