Hog Hunting in West Texas - Semi Guided

Hog Hunting in West Texas - Semi Guided

Texas Hog Hunting 2019

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Semi Guided Hunting in Texas

Looking for the most exciting hog hunting in Texas?

Wild Hog Hunting in Texas is a tradition that all hunters should experience. Wild pigs have become a hated pest in South Texas and this makes hunting locations easy to locate but Dos Plumas ranch offers a quality hog hunting experience at an affordable price. We hunt on private land with experienced guides so you will have a safe and exciting Texas hog-hunting experience.

Things to consider when Hog hunting Wild Hogs in Texas

The most important thing to remember is that wild boar hunts are much more intense than deer or moose. When cornered, wild boar or hogs, become very aggressive and can turn on unprepared hunters. Our seasoned guides will make sure hunters are prepared but the unpredictability of these wild pigs so you can enjoy the intensity and excitement of the hunt.

Wild Pig Hunts Texas

Wild Pigs West Texas

Hog Hunting Season Texas

The season for wild hogs in Texas is open year-round. The prolific breeding habits of the pigs make hunting throughout the year an important management tool in controlling populations. Mid-summer can be warm and some hunters prefer the less intense temperatures of winter hog hunts in Texas but we offer hunts throughout the year.

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West Texas Hog Hunts

A Great Hunt!

West Texas Hog Hunting Methods

As with many big game animals, wild hogs are most active in the afternoons into early evenings. Due to the volume of wild pigs on the private ranch, we hunt throughout the day with great success but afternoon hunts are preferred if possible. 
Depending on whether you are with us for an archery or rifle hunt and your physical ability, hunting techniques will differ. Our guides are great with spot and stalk pig hunts or we have many good locations to ambush wild hogs from hunting blinds. They will assist you in planning a hunting strategy to make your hunt a success.

Texas Hog Hunting Details

Looking for more information about what weapon to use for your West Texas hog hunt? Or what type of gear, clothing, or camo you will need on the hunt? 

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