Why Hunt Wild Hogs in Texas?

Why Hunt Hogs in Texas

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Texas Hog Hunting

It seems that everyone wants to go wild hog hunting in Texas these days! The popularity of hunting wild boar continues to grow every year and Dos Plumas Hunting Ranch continues to expand to keep up with the demands of hunters.

Why is wild pig hunting so popular in Texas?

We believe there are many reasons why hunters choose Texas…and Dos Plumas Hunting Ranch for their wild hog hunt. Texas is…well…Texas is Texas! Texas is big and bold and we are a very proud state as a whole. You’ve heard the statement “Everything is bigger in Texas!” It sure is and that includes our big, bad wild hogs! We’ve got an overwhelming number of wild hogs in our state! Wild hog hunting is an affordable hunt. There aren’t many places left where a hunter can go on a 2-day hunt for less than $550 a person. At these rates, you can afford to take your family and friends hunting with you and start making those life-long memories!

When is the Texas hog hunting season in 2023?

Wild hogs can be hunted year-round. Texas is a very hunter-friendly state and wild hogs can be hunted year-round. 

When is the best time to hunt wild hogs in Texas?

December - February, the winter period, is considered the best time for hog hunting in Texas, although the entire year can be great. Temps are cool during this time and the hogs move frequently to find food.
 March - May, Spring Hog hunting in Texas. Spring weather is ideal and on average the wild pigs are not as active in the spring the hunting is still great.

Do you need a hunting license to hunt hogs in Texas?

Due to Senate Bill 317, no license will be needed for hogs in Texas after September 1, 2019, as the Texas Parks and Wildlife changed the regulations. This only applies to private land hog hunts. If you plan to hunt wild hogs on public land in Texas you will still need to purchase a license.
If you plan to hunt rams or predators, you will need a nonresident 5-day special hunting "license for Ram & Predator hunting". The Texas hunting license is $48 and can be purchased online or at Walmart in Texas.

Texas License Information

Wild pigs are smart animals. Hunters have to be smarter! We do have a tremendous amount of wild hogs but it still takes patience and grit to bring a wild hog down. It’s all about the shot placement.

Is Wild Hog Meat Good to Eat?

Wild hog meat tastes excellent. It’s a bad rumor that wild hog meat is inedible. All wild hogs can be eaten no matter what the size! It’s clean and lean meat that’s great to use in anything from tacos to pork roast. You can grill it, smoke it, slow cook it, cook it in a pit, or have it ground up for sausage… any way you choose to cook your wild boar will give you tasty as well as healthy meat. Our personal favorite way to cook wild hogs at the ranch is to smoke it whole on our big Texas-sized smoker. A treat you’ll never forget! Texas wild hog hunting is a premier sport with a fantastic appeal to new and seasoned hunters as well. No matter what your skill level, hunting wild hogs is fun and challenging. It’s no wonder that most of our hunters find themselves addicted to Texas wild hog hunting!

Is there a limit on how many Wild Hogs I can shoot?

This is an unlimited hog hunt at Dos Plumas Ranch and extra hogs are $150 per hog. Cleaning and skinning are not included for 2 hogs. Skinning hogs are $25-$50 depending on size.
You will find that some ranches advertise unlimited hog hunts but then have a mandatory charge to skin and cleaning of the hogs or they get you a charge per pound on additional hogs.
At Dos Plumas Ranch, you can shoot all the hogs you want for $150 each and you are welcome to clean and skin them yourself.

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