Texas Wild Pig Hunting Advantages

Texas Wild Pig Hunting Advantages

Hog Hunting at its Best

Hog Hunting at its Best

Approximately 10 miles west of Abilene, Texas, a 100-acre field has damage that of a war zone. There are holes several feet wide and roots have been left exposed all around trees as the Texas wild hogs have once again plagued a local Texas rancher. There is no doubt that hogs have invaded this property and this leaves ranchers frustrated as they already have enough challenges as it is.

Hog hunting in Texas is one of the options that provide local Texas ranches with a way to cut down the population. Here at Dos Plumas Hunting Ranch we provide opportunities for almost 365 days out of the year. The wild hogs here in Texas are one of the most destructive invasive species in North America and definitely one of the most difficult to control.

There are very few restrictions on hunters here in Texas when it comes to Texas hog hunting. There are very few restrictions or limitations as well as methods of hunting or trapping wild hogs. There are thousands of wild hogs shot from helicopters, thousands that are killed by hunters every year, and thousands that are trapped and shipped to slaughterhouses. Despite the hunting and trapping efforts, the population of these animals continues to be on the rise.

Wild hogs seem to be able to survive almost any climate or condition. They love the piney woods of East Texas, the sloping hill country, as well as the western rugged brush country. Wild hogs really have no natural predators to threaten them as well. Therefore, besides the exciting hunting opportunity that hog hunting in Texas provides, killing wild hogs year-round is a great way to limit the population.

Another reason why wild hogs in Texas survive so successfully is their ability to eat almost anything. Using their strong, extra-long snouts, they can root into the ground nearly 3 feet. As mentioned before they frequently destroy entire fields especially those that are planted in various grains. Some farmers have even reported that Wild Boar can and will extract seeds, row by row. When hunting hogs here in Texas we use this strong desire for feed to our advantage. Hunting over feeders over roads that have been “corned” is a great way to get hogs to show up and give you a shooting opportunity.

Hogs are just about as tough as any wild animal. Just because you get a shooting opportunity on these animals doesn’t mean you are going to easily take them down. Because of their ability to survive and take powerful blows, wounded hogs or frequently never recovered. Bow hunters especially need to be excellent in their arrow placement if they want to recover their animals.

We invite you here to Dos Plumas Hunting Ranch where we take seriously providing our hunters with a great hunting experience as well as limiting the wild hog population in our local area. Give us a call or drop us a line by filling out our short form and we will be happy to assist you with any questions or requests that you have.

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